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Artificial Intelligence &
Machine Learning

Game Development

As leaders in the gaming PC space, it’s no surprise that MAINGEAR is the hardware of choice for many game studios around the world, from indie developers to AAA publishers, and everything in between.

From asset creation to large scale code compiling, MAINGEAR understands all aspects of the game development process, and can work with your studio to establish set specs for each department or user.

Photo Editing

Relying on a program’s published system requirements will only get you so far. Applications including Photoshop and Lightroom continue to grow more demanding, and have begun leveraging AI and GPU-acceleration like never before. It’s important that photo editors have the hardware they need to keep up. MAINGEAR offers the configuration needs of both hobbyist and professional photo editors, as well as users focused on photogrammetry and digital surveying.

Video Editing

No one understands the needs of a video editor better than MAINGEAR, which is why we’re the hardware of choice from indie freelancers to the biggest production companies in Hollywood. Due to the unique requirements of individual video editing applications, it’s important that your PC is optimized and purpose-built for your use case. MAINGEAR Pro Solutions Specialists are standing by to help you get the most bang for your buck, and ensure your workstation is as productive as you are.

3D Rendering

 With over 20 years of experience working with the most extensive graphics configurations, MAINGEAR Pro offers multi-GPU solutions with exceptional cooling to ensure your projects render as efficiently as possible, and error free. With support for up to six graphics cards, and custom options for open-loop liquid cooling and network-based rendering, users can harness the power of a render farm in a single tower.

Digital Audio

From mixing to mastering, sound design to podcasting, audio editors have unique hardware needs, which often differ from other users. Our staff includes musicians and engineers who intimately understand these needs, and our sound dampening solutions are especially useful for near-device recording. A properly configured workstation provides a turnkey solution, free of hindrance, so you can record more and worry less.

CAD Design

 CAD work requires certified components to ensure stable and efficient performance. Users modeling in 2D will have vastly different needs versus those running complex 3D simulations. MAINGEAR recommends consulting with one of our Pro Solutions Specialists to better understand your exact workflow, and the applications you use every day, ensuring your PC is optimized, leaving no performance on the table.

Data Science

Whether you’re working with large datasets, running complex simulations, or developing machine learning models, MAINGEAR workstations get the job done efficiently. We are dedicated to ensuring that our products are reliable, efficient, and easy to use, so that you can focus on what you do best – analyzing data and driving insights.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

 In the forever evolving landscape of machine learning and AI, GPU-acceleration is essential, which is why MAINGEAR works directly with NVIDIA to offer the latest GPU hardware and technologies. Whether you’re training a generative AI model, or performing large-scale data analysis, a correctly configured workstation is critical.

MAINGEAR offers comprehensive hardware support, multi-GPU configurations, and Ubuntu or dual boot operating systems, to get you started on your AI/ML journey. Focus on your code and let your machine do the work.

A Footprint
That Fits


One size does not fit all. That’s why MAINGEAR Pro is available in 3 form factors. Maximize your space with the traditional mid-tower design of Pro WS, gain full-tower real estate from Pro WS Max, or opt for Pro RS, engineered for industrial rackmount and high-end home use, either vertically or horizontally oriented.

A Clear
Upgrade Path


Built entirely from off-the-shelf top-tier components, MAINGEAR Pro workstations are easy to upgrade and modify, with no proprietary parts standing in your way. Keep your system running on the bleeding edge for years to come with modular case components and plenty of room for expandibility.

A Warranty for Professionals


Every MAINGEAR Pro system includes access to our Pro Solutions Warranty, featuring a dedicated account manager, priority service, robust lifetime support, and expedited repairs. Help is just a call, email, or text away.

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The MAINGEAR Difference

Our no-pressure sales team is made up entirely of creators and PC power users. Customers with specific hardware needs are welcome to configure and order their own workstation, and those who require guidance are welcome to reach out for an expert consultation.

Finance Your System

Finance your Pro systems with MAINGEAR Business Financing provided by New Lane Finance.

With robust estimation tools (including tax savings estimations) and the ability to pre-qualify online, you can purchase your workstations today without the upfront cost. With 90-day payment deferral and promotions offering $99 monthly payments for the first 6 months, MAINGEAR Business Financing allows you to create now and pay later.

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